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Learn more about which Automatic Discounts Enrollsy offers

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Enrollsy offers one or more Discounts that can be applied automatically during Enrollment.

The Current Automatic Discount Types Include:

  • Payment Plan Selection - Apply a discount to the Pay-in-Full selection or Payment Plan selection (or both!)

  • Multiple Enrollees (i.e. Sibling Discount) - Apply a discount for two or more Enrollees enrolled in the same Enrollment Period under the same account. A discount can be applied for up to 20 Enrollees.

  • Date (i.e. Early Bird Discount) - Apply a discount that will automatically be applied until a specified date.

  • Returning Customer - Apply a discount when the person enrolling uses an email address that is already on file.

If you plan to use these Automatic Discounts, I recommend creating a Discount Item name for each.

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