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How to Add Automatic Discounts to a Program
How to Add Automatic Discounts to a Program

Enrollsy allows Special Rules for Charge Items to create flexibility

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Enrollsy can offer one or more Discounts on a Program's Total Program Cost or Enrollment Fees. These are the first of more Discounts to come that can be added straight to a Program and automatically applied during enrollment.

NOTE: As of the writing of this article, Discounts can ONLY be entered as dollar amounts. If you need to have a percentage Discount, please use Coupon Codes. (Discounts are NOT available on legacy billing).

Discount Types

The current Discount types are:

  • Payment Plan Selection - apply a discount to the Pay-in-Full selection or Payment Plan selection (or both!)

  • Multiple Enrollees - apply a discount for two or more Enrollees enrolled in the same location and the same Enrollment Period under the same account, i.e., Sibling Discount. It doesn't take into account the age of the enrollees. It takes off whatever dollar amount is entered on the 2nd enrollee and so on (if you add more). A discount can be applied for up to 20 Enrollees.

  • Date - Apply a discount on a specified date, i.e., Early Bird Discount

  • Returning Customer -apply a discount when the person enrolling uses an email address that is already on file.

Discount Items

If you haven't already, make sure to create your Discount Items. For the above Types, your Discount names could be the following:

  • Sibling Discount

  • Early Bird Discount

  • Returning Student Discount

  • Pay-in-Full Discount

  • Payment Plan Discount

Charge Items

To add a Discount to your Program cost(s), you will also need to have Charge Items to attach those Discounts to. These are Charges that are either required or not required at enrollment. They can be Charges to be paid in full, OR they will be paid with a Payment Plan.

To learn how to create a Charge Item, browse through this article.

Add Discount(s)

To add one or more Discounts to one or more Programs, head over to your Programs page. Follow these steps:

Step 1 - Click on the edit pencil icon either beside one Program or at the top to edit many Programs (after selecting those Programs).

edit program in Enrollsy

Step 2a - If your Program is set up where the pricing is on the Program level, click Pricing on the left menu. Under Total Program Cost will be your list of Charge Items (required and/or not required).

total program cost in Enrollsy

Step 2b - If your Program is set up on the Classes Model and pricing is on the Class level, head to the Classes page. Click on the pencil icon beside the Class and scroll down to Price. Under Total Program Cost will be your list of Charge Items (required and/or not required).

Step 3 - Next, click the dollar sign (Discount) symbol beside the Charge Item you wish to discount. A window will slide open. Here you can select the type(s) of Discount(s) you want to add. Multiple Discounts CAN be added to the same Charge Item. After choosing the Discount(s), click Apply.

add a discount in Enrollsy

Step 4 - Depending on the type of Discount applied, you may be asked for additional information, such as how many Enrollees to add to the Multiple Enrollees Discount or the date for the Date Discount.

automatic discounts in Enrollsy

Step 5 - After applying the Discount(s) to the Charge Item, you can edit the Discount Item. Click on the pencil icon to change the name from "Misc Credit" by default to one of your custom Discount Item names.

edit discount in Enrollsy

Step 6 - Next, add the dollar amount of the Discount. At the writing of this article, only dollar amounts can be put in for Discounts (not percentages).

add amount of discounts in Enrollsy

Step 7 - Repeat steps 1-6 for any other Discounts you want to add to other Charge Items. Click Save on your Program (or Update for bulk editing), and you're done!

Now those Discounts will be automatically applied during enrollment (except for Admin-created enrollments. Any Admin-created enrollments will NOT have payments or discounts applied. All charges, payment plans, and discounts will have to be added manually.

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