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Overview of the Enrollment Process
Overview of the Enrollment Process

Learn how the enrollment flow in Enrollsy works

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Enrollment is at the heart of Enrollsy, and it is essential to know how it all works! Here is a breakdown of how enrollment flows in Enrollsy:

Enroll Form

The Enroll Form is the backbone of enrollment in Enrollsy. One Enroll Form is used for all Programs within the system. You send the Enroll Form to a customer so they can enroll in one or more of your Programs/Classes. The Enroll Form can be sent to a customer in a variety of ways:

  • As an embedded form on the company website

  • As an Enroll button or link placed on your website

  • As a link in an email or text message

  • As a private link in a message

The image below is an example of the customer view of the Enroll Form:

enroll form in Enrollsy

Account Sections

The Enroll Form includes all the questions you will need to gather from customers. These are fully customizable fields that you create!

  1. Account Info - This section of the Enroll Form includes the names of all Account Holders, their contact information, and any other pertinent questions (address, employer, etc.). Custom fields can be added here, including Emergency Contacts, Release Contacts, etc.

  2. Enrollee Info - These are questions about the Enrollee (person enrolling), including name, birth date, gender, medical info, etc. You can also include custom fields pertaining to the Enrollee, such as Health Information, Medical History, etc.

After answering Account Info and Enrollee Info, the customer will be directed to the Program Selection.

Program Selection/Program Options

This section includes one or more choices or selections called "Program Options" that narrow down an Enrollee's broader interests into a final enrollment. Program Options are not actual Programs. Program Options are created inside a Program Option Category. Think of them as the scaffolding used to create your Programs and Classes.

The Program Options includes the following default options:

Other Program Options that can be included are:

  • Program Name - This is the Program they intend to enroll in (such as Preschool, After School, Beginner's Violin, Basic Art, etc.). Here's how to create your Programs.

  • Class Selection (if applicable) - Allowing an Enrollee to select their Class will give them the selection of Classes within the Program they chose. Here's how to create the Classes within each Program. NOTE: Enrollment cannot happen without a Class with a capacity (# of Enrollees within the Class).

  • Program Form questions - If any additional questions are required for the Program selected, they will be asked here. Create your unique Program Form.

program selection in Enrollsy

You can learn more about Program Options here where we discuss them in detail with screenshots, illustrations, and descriptions.

Pricing Options

Next is the Pricing of the selected Programs/Classes (if tuition is due upon enrollment), including any registration fees or other extra fees. Enrollsy offers a myriad of Pricing Options! These are also fully customizable.

The following image is an example of how this looks to a customer at enrollment (all required fees are automatically checked):

pricing options in Enrollsy

A summary of the Program selected (and Class, if the customer can choose the Class) and all associated fees are listed below the pricing.

Payment Plans

Payment Plans are part of the pricing of your Programs and are payment events that happen on a given date/time. Payment Plans do not have associated prices; they are simply the payment events themselves. Enrollsy allows for three types of Payment Plans:

Since Payment Plans are tied to date/time, they are created inside an Enrollment Period.

Discounts/Coupon Codes

Enrollsy also allows Coupon Codes (in percentages only) and/or Discounts (in dollar amounts only) during enrollment that give customers discounts (sibling, early bird, returning/existing customers, etc.).

You can create Discounts on Enrollment Fees or add discounts to individual accounts. Create a Coupon Codes for customers to use during enrollment.

Payment Info

Once the customer selects the Program(s) for one or more Enrollees, the next section is Payment Info. In this section, the customer can decide to pay either by ACH (electronic check) or by credit/debit card. You can apply for these separately. Or you can choose to have customers pay only with cash and/or check.

payment info  in Enrollsy


After payment, the next section is Confirmation. Here is another summary of the Program selected (and Class, if applicable):

Under the Enrollment Summary will be all the charges due:

terms and conditions location in Enrollsy

Once the customer clicks "Pay & Enroll," the next screen will be the Terms & Conditions (if any are attached).

Terms & Conditions

Most companies will include Terms & Conditions that customers have to agree to before they enroll.

A pop-up window will display the terms with a checkbox that must be checked for the enrollment to be submitted:

The terms and conditions are also on the customer's email confirmation after enrolling. They are listed under "Enrollment Terms."

Compliance Agreements

We have been required to add two compliance agreements that your customers are required to agree with to ALL Terms & Conditions in Enrollsy. They are the following:

  • I consent to receive SMS messages from [Company Name]. I understand I can reply STOP at anytime to no longer receive their SMS messages.

    This is a U.S. regulatory compliance rule you can read more about here.

  • If my current enrollment(s) require payment, I agree to pay invoices using a payment method of my choice.

  • This is a compliance regulation of the United States Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). You can read more about here.


You can also include customized messages/instructions throughout the Enrollment process that can consist of the following:

  • Enroll Form Messages at the various sections (Account Info, Enrollee Info, Program Selection, Payment Info, and Confirmation)

  • Terms and Conditions - Customers who enroll in a Program must agree to the Company Terms and Conditions before completing enrollment. A pop-up window will display the terms with a checkbox that must be checked for the enrollment to be submitted. They are also on the email confirmation the customer receives after enrolling.

  • Enrollment Welcome Message - The Enrollment confirmation (or "Welcome Message") is the message that gets emailed at enrollment. You also have the option to create multiple messages to use for any Program.


Documents are completely optional in Enrollsy. If you choose to use them, here is a brief overview of each type of form/Document within Enrollsy:

  • Enroll Form Link - You require XYZ form (upload, email it, bring it in person) - link to it within the Enroll Form (using Formatted Content or File Upload field)

  • Required Document - Require upload (for one or more customers), attach to Program(s), or manually send to individual Accounts

  • E-signature Document - A pdf provided by you, pre-filled from the Enroll Form, attached to Program(s), sent to customers via email, and signed electronically.

E-signature Documents

If you require customers to fill out and sign an enrollment packet and have signed up for E-signature Documents, this is the next step in the Enroll Form process.

Once your customer enrolls in a Program, the E-signature Document attached to that Program is emailed to the Primary Account Holder. In this email is your optional "welcome message/enrollment confirmation."

At this point, the Primary Account Holder clicks on the link in the email and fills out and signs the E-signature Document. Once submitted, it will show up as signed in the Enrollee's account.

Required Document (s)

You can also add any Required Documents to Accounts after enrollment. Any document you require of at least ONE customer is considered a Required Document. These documents can be sent to the customer in two ways:

  • Added to the Program(s) - When added to one or more Programs, the Required Document is added automatically at enrollment and shows up in the Parent Portal via a red bar at the top.

    required documents in Enrollsy
  • Uploaded manually - Admins can upload any Required Document to one or more Enrollee accounts. These also show up in the Parent Portal (as seen above).

Once the customer uploads the required form, OR an Admin marks a document as complete, the red bar will disappear from the Parent Portal, signifying that all documents have been completed.


What do you do if you have a question?

  1. Check our Help Center for the answer (if you're reading this, you are already here!). Use this page to find answers to frequently asked questions.

  2. If you still can't find the answer you're looking for, you can use the chat bubble in the bottom-right of your screen. The chat bubble is visible within the Enrollsy back office admin application; sign into, and you'll see it. It is also available on our website:

  3. If you believe your support request can be resolved with an email or two, you can email us at if you need to share in more detail your issue.

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