Learn how to find and navigate Invoices Tabs throughout Enrollsy

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When looking at Invoices from the Invoices tab on the left side of your Admin Portal, Customer Billing tab, or a Customer Account, you'll notice all Invoices are split into three categories:


The Invoice due date is in the future and has not yet become current or payable.


The Invoice is either due in the future but the invoice reminder has been sent out, making it payable, or the invoice is past due. Partially paid invoices also show up here.


The Invoice has been paid in full.

These invoices are created manually by you, or are created automatically because a Payment Plan exists on the customer's account. Keep in mind any payments made at the time of enrollment are not classified as invoices. Meaning, they will not show up in the list of "Paid Invoices".

Payments made at the time of Enrollment will instead show up within the Transaction History on Customer Accounts. The Transaction History shows all payments, charges, and credits made within Enrollsy for a specific customer.

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