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How to Adjust Contrasts

The Accessibility feature offers a way to turn on contrasts to view Enrollsy better

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To access the Accessibility button, click on the top right corner icon (either a rocket ship if you are not launched or a person icon if you are).

new accessibility button in Enrollsy

In the Accessibility settings, you can activate the Contrast settings, which include the following:

Invert Colors

If you are color blind, turn on "Invert Colors." The inversion of colors is often used by users with light or color sensitivities to make bright colors darker.

Dark Contrast

"Dark Contrast" changes the white background to black and black text to a lighter color.

Light Contrast

"Light Contrast" removes the dark backgrounds on pages, making them white.

Smart Contrast

The Smart Contrast setting adjusts color and backlight intensity to enhance contrast dynamically based on the content you are displaying.

Smart Contrast Activated

Smart Contrast Not Activated

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