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Ad Manager - Overview

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The Ad Manager is a system used to manage and track your advertisements for your website. It allows you to set up your ads throughout your website. It will also provide stats for clicks and impressions that each ad gets from viewers. The system also provides you with downloadable reports of this information.

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Why is the Ad Manager important to Advertisers?

Advertisers are interested in knowing that their ads are being seen. The Ad Manager will accurately report this data for you to use as proof that people are seeing the advertisements on your website. These are the stats that the Ad Manager tracks:

  • Impression - The stats on how many times an ad has been viewed by users

  • Clicks - The stats on how many times an ad was clicked on by users

  • CTR ( Click-Through Rate) - The Clicks and Impressions expressed as a percentage

To view these statistics for your ads, log-in to the Ad Manager and select the Statistic Tab at the top-left.

What features are available in the Ad Manager?

  • Statistics - The area to view the stats of impressions and clicks for the advertisements

    • Advertisers & Campaigns - The list of advertisers, campaigns and advertisements with the stats for each one.

    • Global Statistics - The list for the overall stats the Ad Manager tracked

    • Websites & Zones - The list of websites and zones with the stats for each one

    • Advanced Reports - The section to generate elaborate reports for stats on advertiser and campaigns

      • Advertising Analysis Report - This report shows a breakdown of advertising for a particular advertiser or website, by day, campaign, and zone.

      • Campaign Analysis Report - This report shows a breakdown of advertising for a particular campaign, by day, banner, and zone.

      • Campaign Delivery Report - This report shows delivery statistics for all campaigns which were live during the specified period, highlighting campaigns which are underperforming.

  • Inventory - The area to view and manage the Ad Zones, advertisements, Delivery Rule Sets and Users.

    • Advertisers - The section to view and manage the list of advertisers on the Ad Manager.

    • Champaigns - The section to view and manage the list of campaigns for an advertiser.

    • Banners - The section to view and manage the list of banners / advertisements for a campaign.

    • Websites - The section to view and manage the list of websites that were set up on the Ad Manager. These contain their own Ad Zones.

    • Zones - The section to view and manage the ad zones for a website.

    • Delivery Rule Sets - The section to view and manage Delivery Rule Sets, or pre-set delivery rules, that can be later used for banners / advertisements

    • User Access - The section to view and manage users who have access to the Ad Manager

  • Preferences - The area to manage your user account on the Ad Manager. Your Name, Language, Email and Password can be updated here.

What are Ad Zones?

Ad Zones are the designated spots on your website in which ads can appear. Some zones are coded within the header and footer of your website (i.e. Header & Footer Leaderboards, Footer Badges), while others are not and can be set up manually on any page.

How many Ad Zones can I place on my site?

An unlimited amount of Ad Zones, including advertisements, can be added to your website.

I am currently not using Ad Manager. How do I get it?

The Ad Manager is only available for websites using the Pro Package or the Advanced Package, or if the Add-On to use the tool was purchased for the websites, with the Envisionwise or LinkedUpRadio platform. You can check out these links for more details about the packages and the add-on:

If you are interested in using the Ad Manager for your website, you can call us at 217-239-0975 or email us at

How do I turn on the Pop-Up or Push-down ads?

The Pop-Up ads and Push-down ads are Add-On features. If these features were set up for your website, these can be turned on under SETTINGS > Plugin Manager. Once turned on, you can manage the advertisements that appear in these features through the Ad Manager as you would other advertisements.

If you do not have one of these add-ons for your website and are interested in purchasing one to use, you can call us at 217-239-0975 or email us at

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