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Key Points

  • Create a podcast and periodically upload audio files (episodes).

  • Podcasts will automatically display neatly on your podcasts page. If the podcasts page is a main button in your website's main menu, then a link to each podcast is also added as a sub-page under the podcast menu button.

  • Supports uploaded audio and/or externally hosted audio files

  • Much like Photo Galleries, you can upload as many podcast episodes for your podcast as you want; there is no limit for each podcast you have or have created for your website.

Create A New Podcast

Step 1 - Select "Create New Podcast"

For example, a podcast could be created for "The Morning Show" or "The Dave and Sally Show".

Step 2 - Enter Podcast Details

For best results, fill out all fields:

  • Image - Upload an image to go along with your podcast. Square images work best. Follow any size guidelines provided.

  • Category - The category your podcast will fall under. The available categories are listed below.

    • Arts

    • Business

    • Comedy

    • Education

    • Fiction

    • Government

    • History

    • Health & Fitness

    • Kids & Family

    • Leisure

    • Music

    • News

    • Religion & Spirituality

    • Science

    • Society & Culture

    • Sports

    • Technology

    • True Crime

    • TV & Film

  • Title - The title of the podcast (Ex: "The Dave and Sally Show"). This field is required as it sets up the name and page slug for the podcast's page

  • Subtitle - The podcast's subtitle.

  • Description - Short 1-2 sentence description of the podcast.

  • Author - The author of the podcast.

  • Owner Name - The name of the podcast owner.

  • Owner Email - The email of the podcast owner.

  • Copyright - The year and/or other copyright info.

  • Explicit - Select from the options provided for your podcast's explicit status.

Step 3 - Select "Create Podcast".

Select "Create Podcast" to create your podcast.

Creating New Podcast Form:

Editing A Podcast:

Upload An Audio File To A Podcast

Step 1 - Select "Upload/Add Audio"

After a podcast has been added, select the "Upload/Add Audio" option for the particular podcast in order to add a new audio file (episode).

Step 2 - Enter The Details For The New Audio

For best results, fill out all fields:

  • Title - The title of your audio file episode. (Ex: "Interview with Randy Travis")

  • Subtitle - The subtitle for this audio file episode.

  • Description - The description for this audio file episode.

  • Explicit - Select from the options provided for your audio file episode's explicit status.

  • Upload - Upload the audio file. (File size limitations apply)

  • Insert URL (optional) - If you are using a file that is already uploaded on another server, just insert the link here. (No file size limits apply)

  • Duration - The length of the audio file. (Ex: 5:05)

  • Image - Add an image for your audio file.

  • Status - Select "Draft" to come back and finish adding your file later. Select "Published" to add your new file immediately for your podcast.

  • Publish Date - Schedule the publish date/time of this audio file episode. 

Step 3 - Select "Add/Save Changes"

Adds the new audio file to your podcast's episode list.

Adding Audio:

Viewing Audio:

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