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Ironically, Essaypop isn't just for writing essays.
Ironically, Essaypop isn't just for writing essays.

You and your students can do a whole lot more with the platform so that the kids are writing every day.

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Essaypop is a wonderful platform for writing paragraphs, short-form, and multiple-paragraph essays, but did you know it has other uses? Let's take a look.

Quick-writes and Warm-Ups

Let's face it, teachers aren't assigning fully-structured essays every day. Still, wouldn't it be nice if students wrote every day and received a little feedback and commentary to boot? The essaypop quick-write template allows this to happen with very little effort on the part of the teacher. It's perfect for a beginning-of-class warm-up or a follow-up after a lesson or classroom discussion, or a homework assignment.

Simply select one of our many grab-and-go quick-write prompts from the lesson library or create your own with our wizard. Assign the prompt, have kids address it, and then have them provide commentary and feedback to one another in the Hive. This works wonderfully as a timed task (timed assignments are set up in the teacher dashboard).

Write Stories and Personal Narratives

Essaypop has a wonderful template for narrative writing. And just like the essay-writing templates, they divide stories into their constituent elements (setting, characterization, dialogue, etc.) These templates are also packed with helpful explanations and models. Kids love constructing stories this way, and, as always, the writers are connected socially in the Hive.

Write Poetry

Simply select a writing frame for each stanza you'd like your students to compose. This can be done by selecting a free-form template in the wizard and having the students the frames they will need. You can also create customized poetry templates in settings. Hey, if it's good enough for Robert Frost, it's probably going to work for the rest of us, right?

Get Creative

There's no limit to the different kinds of activities and writing tasks you can accomplish with the essaypop platform. And when kids write every day and they're engaged in the process, they become better writers. Have fun!

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