The 'Company Dashboard' is designed to give you a visual snapshot of the relevant information to make informed business decisions about the client.

Company Info: 

The right-hand side contains links to edit:

Main dashboard

Details of the company

Contacts at the company

Documents relating to your interactions

Workflow Max Quotes and Jobs

Invoices issued

All links within the main dashboard are click enabled, send an email via Outlook/Gmail, open the companies website or launch your softphone by clicking the icon

Company Value

Exsalerate visually displays the lifetime value of the customer, their rank, and industry type (this can be edited via the details tab) along with the sales and product mix if you are connected to Xero this data refreshes twice a day


Activities are color coded the same as your to-do list:

Green - today,

Blue - in the future

Red - overdue

Grey - completed

Click to open the activity and view more detail, complete or create a follow-up. 


When you add a person/contact you can star key contacts so they appear on the right side of the main company dashboard.

Edit contact details in the contact card and Exsalerate will autosave the changes

In the contacts tab you can view all the contact activities you have scheduled or completed with this perso/contact for easy reference

You are also able to link this contact across many different companies to ensure your correspondance with this person is retained in the contact profile


All files associated with this client can be uploaded attachments to emails will also file to the documents tab. You can search and download these files at anytime

Workflow Max Quotes & Jobs

These are filed with direct links to back to Workflow Max


All invoices issued in Xero are retained in this tab for easy reference with direct links back to Xero

Create a draft invoice from here to push over to Xero for approval

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