Exsalerate lets you see all the communications you have had with contacts/people and companies/clients

Exsalerate links a Person with a Company/Client profile recording their position, level of influence in the business and any other important information

Multiple Contacts/People can be saved within the Company Profile or linked across multiple companies

(A company record must be created first)

Further contacts are added to a company/client record via Add Person on the left hand side of your screen

Add Company

Click Add Company on the left side of your screen, type in the company name

Add the Person you first engaged with including their Title and level of decision making to create a contact profile

Recording your First Activity

You’ve added a new company to Exsalerate, now choose the Phase you want them to occupy in your sales pipeline (lead)

Record the 1st Activity you’ve executed (Scope Proposal) and enter notes that relate to the activity for future reference

Click Save and Exsalerate creates the company/client and contact record

The activity window pops opens and you can add more notes if required, click Done

A follow up activity prompt will appear, choose the type of activity you wish to schedule, add any notes and click Todo

A Contact profile for Bob Plummins will be saved against the Company Profile along with the completed activity - scope proposal

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