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How customers can buy a “Collection mix and match”?
How customers can buy a “Collection mix and match”?
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To check our collection mix and match and how customers interact with it, check our bundle builder on the Demo Store:

This guide could be useful for customers more than merchants but in order to know what your customers will experience, let's have a look at it.

To know how the “collection mix and match” works, follow these steps:

1) Go to the offers page and then choose your collection by clicking on the “Go to the offers page” button.

2) Now on the offer’s page, the collections are displayed. Click on each collection section to see the products.

3) The products are displayed and you are allowed to select the products.

4) Then, press the button to go to the cart page as shown in the picture.

5) Now you are on the cart page and you can see your selected products.

To continue the process, press the checkout button.

6) At the end complete the information and proceed to the shipping!

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