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Will the customer get the discount if they add the products in the bundle separately to the cart?
Will the customer get the discount if they add the products in the bundle separately to the cart?

Explaining Automatic Bundle Detection: Allowing the customer to get the bundle discount by adding the products separately.

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What is Automatic Bundle Detection?

By default, discounts are applied only when customers add bundles to their cart using the bundle's add-to-cart button.

"Automatic Bundle Detection" is a feature where discounts are automatically applied even if individual products within the bundles are added separately (from their product pages, using the + or - buttons in the cart, or other methods) rather than through the fast bundle's widgets. This feature is currently available only on our highest-tier plan.

Example of Default behavior (When the feature is off)

Let's take this bundle for example: A Simple Bundle with two items.

Using the Bundle's add-to-cart button

If the customer were to click on the bundle's add-to-cart button and proceed to checkout, the discount would be applied.

By adding the complete bundle, the discount is applied in checkout (above image)

Adding each product separately

When Automatic Bundle Detection is off, and the customer adds the items separately, the discount will not be applied as shown in the image below:

Fast Bundle. When Automatic Bundle Detection is off, the discounts are not applied when items are added separately (above image).​

If Automatic Bundle Detection was on, the bundle discount would be applied to the items even though the items were not added through the bundle widget.

How Do I Turn Automatic Bundle Detection On?

To enable the Automatic Bundle Detection feature, navigate to the Fast Bundle admin panel. Proceed to the Settings section, then access Bundle Settings. Within the Discount category, locate the Discount application settings and opt for the "Always apply the discount" choice. Please note that this functionality is exclusively accessible only to the highest plan Users.

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