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What's the difference between a set price and a fixed discount?
What's the difference between a set price and a fixed discount?

In this article, we explain the difference between a "Set Price" and "Fixed Discount" disocunt type when creating a bundle.

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When creating a bundle, you must select a discount type. Two of these discount types are "Set price" and "Fixed discount" which may be confused with each other.

Depending on the bundle type, the set price and fixed discount discount types may not be available.

Set Price

When you select the "Set Price" option, you're setting the final amount the customer will pay for the entire bundle.


For example, if I offer a 'Buy 2 for €100' bundle, with each item originally priced at €249, setting a "Set Price" would adjust the bundle cost to €100.

!!! The "Set Price" should not be greater than the total price of the items in the bundle, because it won't be applied. !!!

Fixed Discount

When using the "Fixed Discount" option, you're specifying a set amount that will be deducted from the total bundle price as a discount.


Let's consider a "Buy 2, save €100" bundle. To implement this, you would select a fixed discount amounting to €100.

Suppose the original cost of the bundle, without any discount, is €498. By applying the fixed discount of €100, the final price of the bundle is reduced to €398.

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