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Migrating from Bundle Show Based Pricing
Migrating from Bundle Show Based Pricing
Updated over a week ago

Why is there another pricing model?

Up until June 2023, the pricing of Fast Bundle was based on Bundle Shows. After receiving feedback from our customers about the drawbacks of this model, we decided to make a change. The new pricing model is now based on Bundle Revenue. This means you only pay for actual sales generated through the app, rather than paying for just displaying the bundles.

What are the details of this new pricing?

The different plans of this pricing are detailed below, along with the bundle revenue limits of each:

The features of each plan are listed below:

How can I have this new pricing applied on my shop?

If you are currently on the Bundle Show pricing, you can simply reach out to our 24/7 support team at or through the in-app support live chat and ask them to be migrated to the new pricing.

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