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What do you mean by "Bundle show"?
What do you mean by "Bundle show"?
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What does "bundle show" mean?

"Bundle show" is synonymous with "bundle views." It refers to the number of times a bundle is displayed on your shop pages via a bundle widget. Each time a page with a bundle loads, it counts each bundle on that page as one bundle show.

Where can I track my bundle shows?

Plan Details

You can track the number of bundle shows in Settings > Plan, Plan details. Here, you can see your current cycle and cycle usage based on bundle shows. It also displays the percentage of your plan limit you have used.

Analytics section

This section provides detailed information on the number of bundle shows over a specific period.

How are bundle shows counted?

We will explain this with examples.

Example 1:

You have created two bundle offers for one product:

  • Bundle 1: A + B with a 15% discount.

  • Bundle 2: A + C with a 10% discount.

When customers open the product page of A, where both bundles are displayed, it counts as two bundle shows.

Example 2:

  • You have created 10 bundle offers, all displayed on the Bundles page.

  • Each time the Bundles page loads and all 10 bundles are displayed, it counts as 10 bundle shows.

What happens if I exceed my bundle show limit?

Every plan has a bundle show limit. Notifications are sent as follows:

  • 80% Limit Reached: You receive a notification that you are nearing the limit.

  • Limit Reached: A second notification email informs you that you have reached the limit. If you do not upgrade your plan, your bundles will stop displaying after two days.

What if my bundles stop displaying due to exceeding the limit?

Don't worry! If your bundles are not displayed due to exceeding the limit, the service will reactivate at the start of your next cycle. Your data, including created bundles and analytics, will remain intact.

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