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How to create a survey

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1. Click the "Survey Management" tab on the left

Click on "Create a New Survey" on the left

On the left side you can find the pre-built survey templates to get started if you don't wish to build everything from scratch. Read more about survey templates here.

If you wish to use a template, select one and then click "Use This Template" at the bottom of the screen. Fill in the name of your survey.

If you wish to create your own survey then select "Create Survey From Scratch".

2. Fill in the information of your new survey

Start creating a survey by giving it a name, survey tags (optional) and put survey in a unit. Then click "Save". You can edit the Survey name afterwards.

3. Choose your languages

You can decide how many languages you want to publish your survey in. The language can be toggled by the user in most feedback touchpoints, but in the Web Widget touchpoint, Feedbackly decides which language to show based on the user's browser language. 

For choosing the wanted languages, press "+" from the upper left corner below  "Editing survey". To read more about adding languages read THIS article.

4. Add questions to your survey

You can create a question from 7 different survey types. You can change the order of the created questions later. Here you can find an in-depth article on the different question types and how to for example collect NPS or CES.

5. Add "Survey logic" (if desired and if included in your plan)

After creating a desired amount of questions, you can add survey logic to your survey. 

Each question and response option has a dropdown menu that lets you choose a question that the respondent will skip to if that option is selected. Meaning that the next question in your survey can change depending on the response given to the previous question. This is useful for segmenting customers and allowing them to bypass any redundant questions by skipping ahead to the desired point.

This logic can go as deep as you'd like and there are no limitations to the customization you can add to your surveys in this regard.

6. Check additional settings

Once you have created your questions and added survey logic, you have a few more settings you can modify by clicking the settings button on the top right of the survey editor.

  • Question timeout
    If you are planning to show your survey on an iPad, you can choose how many seconds it takes until the question times out and the survey begins from the start. This is useful for respondents that only answer some of the questions and don't finish the survey.

  • Final screen timeout
    When a respondent completes your survey, change how long the final screen message is displayed until the survey resets for a new respondent.

  • Redirect
    You can also choose a web address where the respondent will be redirected after the survey has been answered.

7. Save, Preview and Test your survey

Once you have created your questions, save it from the upper right corner. 

After saving your survey, you can preview it and see how it looks when using Feedbackly terminal, Mobile, Desktop or Web widget. 

8. Select "Launch" to go to the next step and select touchpoint(s) for your survey

When you are happy with your survey, select a touchpoint type from five different options: Feedbackly terminal, Link/QR code, Web Widget, Email campaign and SMS campaign. 

After selecting the touchpoint type, click

 next to the "Launch" and fill the information.

9. Next, launch your survey 

  • Immediately (after confirmation) or 

  • Schedule to launch later (you can schedule the launch to happen automatically at a later time)

10. Finally, confirm your preferences and launch your survey

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