How to add multiple languages to your survey

Adding multiple languages to a survey is easy to do and valuable for your customers so that they can give feedbacks in any language needed. You can add as many language options as you wish. 

1. Click on the + icon to add additional languages to your survey

2. Use the drop down menu to select the language you are adding and click Ok

3. The survey editor will then automatically copy all the questions and answer options so all you need to do is add the translations for each question and answer option. As you can see in the screen shot below, you don't need to remember the original question as the editor will show the original texts to you, until you start filling in that field with the translation. 

4. Once you have filled in all the required fields in each question, the exclamation marks will disappear and you can save your translations. 

Note that an unfinished version can't be saved, so fill in the translations for each questions before leaving the editor. Also note that if your survey is already live and active in a channel, the translations will automatically appear on the survey after saving.

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