Survey logic is a very useful feature included in the survey editor that allows you to configure questions which react in real-time to the response given. This means that you can easily segment respondents based on their feedback by redirecting them down a specific question funnel.

Step-by-step instructions:

1. Create your survey (how-to guide can be found HERE)

2. Select a question to use as a decision point by clicking on the survey logic iconĀ 

3. In the survey logic dropdown, select the question that you would like to be redirected to when this option is selected. Alternatively you can choose "Next" or "End" from the survey logic dropdown.


  1. Make sure that you configure the logic for every response in the question. Be sure to test your logic in the preview tab so ensure everything is functional.

  2. Survey logic does not work on multiple choice questions, if survey logic is active on multiple choice questions the respondent will be shown the question that is closest to the end of the survey

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