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How to publish a survey to multiple iPads simultaneously
How to publish a survey to multiple iPads simultaneously

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To publish a survey on multiple touchpoints at once, You must create a 'Feedback Terminal' touchpoint for each of the iPads. Meaning that you will have to create 10 terminal touchpoints if you wish to publish a survey on different 10 iPads. This way you can also view the results from each iPad individually. 

Step-by-Step Instructions: 

1. Go to the "Touchpoint Management" tab 

2. Create a "Feedback Terminal" touchpoint for each one of your iPads

3. If you need to create a survey then follow the steps HERE or if you want to publish a survey follow the steps HERE. Publish your survey to all of your newly created Feedback Terminal Touchpoints in the "Touchpoint Selection" tab

4. Go to the "Touchpoint Management" tab and click on each one of your newly created Feedback terminal touchpoints to find the authorization code for each one 

5. Download the Feedbackly iPad app on every iPad 

6. Type in the authorization code of each of your Feedback terminal touchpoints into the authorization code field of the splash screen

7. That's it! Your survey will now be live on every iPad

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