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How to lock the Feedbackly iPad App for retail use / guided access
How to lock the Feedbackly iPad App for retail use / guided access

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After publishing your survey to the Feedbackly iPad app, you will likely want to lock the iPad so that customers cannot exit the survey app. This decreases the risk of third parties tampering or reseting the terminal.

Companies that rent a Feedbackly terminal have the possibility that Feedbackly support remotely locks the iPad into survey mode. 

Self-signup users can use Apple iOS own Guided Access feature. It is very easy to set up and only takes a few minutes. You can disable every shortcut that is used to exit apps, including the home button. 

1: Download the Feedbackly App 

2: Publish your survey to the touchpoint (more on publishing an survey to the iPad here)

3: In the iOS Settings menu, select General 

4: Select Accessibility 

5: Turn on Guided Access

6: Open the Feedbackly app 

7: Triple click the home button 

8: Click "start", set your passcode and you're done! If you want to exit the app, just triple click the home button and type in your passcode. 

Note that the code is iPad specific and that Feedbackly support can't unlock Guided Access.

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