After you have created your campaign you may wish to schedule your survey to be sent later - or set up a recurring campaign.

1. After choosing the "Schedule To Launch Later" option you will move forward to either schedule the sending of the survey or the setting up the recurring campaign 

2. If you choose to schedule just set the date and time and then move forward to the next steps "Confirmation" and when you have made sure all your settings are ok move to "Launch". Your survey will then be sent at the time you scheduled 

3. If you choose to set up a "Recurring Campaign" choose the "Recurring Campaign" option and choose between a monthly or a weekly campaign

4. In the weekly campaign choose the day of the week you wish the survey to be sent and set the time

5. In the monthly campaign choose the day of the month and the time 

6. After this you can move to "Confirmation" and when everything is set go to the "Launch" page - after this your survey will be sent recurring accordingly to the setup

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