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You can send your surveys to a list of customer phone numbers. The survey will send via SMS text message with a link to your survey. Recipients can click on the link and complete the survey without signing in.

Note: Sometimes you want to be sure that when you publish a survey via SMS that the respondent can only answer the survey once on their device. Feedbackly strongly suggest you activate Allow only one response per contact. Here you can read more on how to avoid duplicate answers by limiting one response per survey

1. If you have a list of phone numbers in Excel then create a phone column

The Excel list must include:

  • Column named phone (lower case)

  • Add phone numbers in international format, "+" in the beginning is optional. So both "358" and "+358" are valid.

  • You can also add more columns that will appear in the results as metadata, such as city, country or name, customer type etc.

If you have a phone number in your list as 044 224 4421, add the following Excel command that will convert the number to the international format.

(A2 here includes a domestic phone number without country code)

= IF (LEN (REPLACE (A2; 1; 1; "+358")) <5; ""; REPLACE (A2; 1; 1; "+358"))

All other data as such will be included in the metadata section of the feedback bar when the respondent provides feedback.

Note! By default, the SMS phone number of the respondent will be added to it's own column in the Response list. If you wish to keep the feedback anonymous, enable Anonymous campaign shown in the picture below.

2. Go the Surveys tab in Feedbackly Dashboard and select Launch survey or Scheduled surveys

Select the survey you wish to launch in the SMS campaign, click Launch, select SMS campaign and continue from the green arrow

3. Upload the file under Upload contacts

Enter a descriptive name for the list, it will be used in the results. Make sure the downloaded file does not have password protection and is in either .xlsx or .csv format (not just .xls, for example).

Note that:

  • Duplicates will be deleted

  • Invalid numbers will be deleted

4. Put text in the Message content field and a column for the value you want to replace, for example {{unit}}, You can use a spare text if the field is empty - eg {{unit | }} office. In the absence of a unit value, it is replaced by the word "office"

In this view you can also:

  • Save template to save the template for later

  • To try out your message before sending it out, press Send a test message

Note that the Feedbackly multilingual campaign feature allows you to create and send out multilingual SMS survey campaigns. With this feature you now longer need to create different SMS templates for each language, as you can add as many language options to your template as needed. You can read more on setting up your multilingual campaign here.

5. In the following view, you can select the release schedule for the survey:

  • Launch immediately and the SMS will be sent right away.

  • Schedule to launch later and you can choose when the message is sent out. You can also decide if the SMS is sent once or as a recurring campaign

Once you have uploaded contacts you can use the same contacts later on as the list will be saved. 

6. Enter the content you wish to be shown in your message, sender name and message content. By adding text to the content field you will be shown a preview of how your message will look 

7. If you choose to launch immediately you will move forward to the confirmation page 

9. In this tab you can find the information about your campaign. When you have made sure everything is in order just click Launch survey and your survey will be set live 

Check out this article if you wish to schedule your survey to be sent later or set up a recurring campaign.

Please note that deleting the uploaded contact lists that contain metadata before respondents have answered the survey, also deletes the metadata.

If you need to delete the contacts (provided you don't need the user info), you can go ahead and delete the individual contacts but not the actual contact list.

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