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If you like, you can delete responses that you have collected. Note that after deleting feedback / data you cannot get the response back. You can check the instructions to delete responses below.

1. If you have collected responses or given test feedback that you later want to delete you can do this by going to the "Analytics" page from the left hand side management panel

2. Next step is to choose the "Response list" tab from the upper right corner of the page: 

3. Set the filters based on what survey responses you are looking to delete

4. After the Dashboard has loaded the responses scroll the page to the right until you can find a trashcan icon after each response. Click on the icon and confirm the deleting of the response. Notice that a delete can't be undone, so make sure you are deleting only responses that you are certain that you won't need anymore 

5. Do this for each response you want to delete and you are all done 

All deleted responses will also be removed from the overall scores on the Summary and Analytics page. 

Note that you can't remove responses if your role is a "Viewer". Only "Editor" or "Admin" accounts can remove responses.

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