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The response list

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In the Survey analytics page you have 2 options on how to view your results; Questions or Response list. In the questions page you will analyse your responses question by question when in the Response list you will be shown the results feedback by feedback along with information about Touchpoint and when the feedback has been given. 

When going to the Survey analytics page you start off at the Questions page. You can change to Response list by clicking on the tab on the upper right hand side of the screen.

Note that the filters you have added to the questions page are automatically copied to the Response list when moving there, so you don't need to add the filters again. You can clear the filters from the bottom of the filters section, by clicking Clear filters.

Note that you have the same filters available in the Response list as in the question page.

On the right hand side above the results you can choose which columns you like to view by clicking on the Show columns tab.

You can download the responses in PDF, Excel or CSV format from the Reporting options. The downloaded file will contain the same information as you have set by filters and chosen columns. Read more HERE.

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