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Root Cause Analysis / Filtering based on responses
Root Cause Analysis / Filtering based on responses

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With Feedbackly's analytics tool you are able to filter based on responses to do root cause analysis. With root cause analysis you are able to dig deeper into for example positive or negative feedback, to find out more about what the cause for the feedback is. You can filter based on responses in as many survey questions needed.

  1. Start off with filtering the responses you want to analyse.

  2. Next step is to Expand the question where you wish to filter responses. The Expand- button can be found after each question in the Analytics view.

3. In this example I wan't to filter those responses that has indicated that they are feeling Enthusiastic, Joy or Trusting, so all I need to do is click on the icons mentioned and then Update view.

4. After this the responses will be filtered so that you will be shown the analytics based on those who has replied to this question according to the filtering applied, and all other responses will be hidden.

5. When you wish to remove the applied filter all you need to do is click again on the same icons used for the filtering and then Update view.

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