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Two-way SMS campaign
Two-way SMS campaign

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Using the two-way SMS campaign, you can send engaging dialogue surveys to a list of your customer phone numbers. The survey will be sent out via SMS text message one question at a time. When the customer answers the first question, they will automatically receive the next question to answer.

The two-way SMS campaign can be sent out at a specific time or triggered automatically via API integration. By using two-way SMS campaigns your respondents can answer even without an internet connection!

Note! This feature follows custom pricing and setup, so please make sure to contact our support via chat or email We’re happy to open up more about the SMS prices in your country and set up all the technical requirements for it.

  1. Create the survey you want to send to your customers

    • The two-way SMS supports the following question types: NPS, open feedback, slider and satisfaction

    • The respondents are able to answer by typing numbers and text

  2. Create an excel (or CSV file) and add the list of phone numbers in it. Create a "phone" column inside the excel.

The Excel list must include:

  • Column named "phone" (lower case)

  • Add phone numbers in international format, "+" in the beginning is optional. So both "358" and "+358" are valid.

Note! At the moment this feature is supported only in Finland.

  • You can of course add more columns that will appear in the results as metadata like city, county or name, customer type etc. if you wish.

If you have a phone number in your list as 044 224 4421 then you can add the following Excel command that will convert the number to the international format.

(A2 here includes a domestic phone number without country code)

= IF (LEN (REPLACE (A2; 1; 1; "+358")) <5; ""; REPLACE (A2; 1; 1; "+358"))

All other data as such will be included in the metadata section of the feedback bar when the respondent provides feedback.

Insert the excel into the Contact list- tab.

After adding the contact list into our dashboard please please contact our customer support via email In your message please let us know that you have followed these instructions and if you want the campaign to be anonymous. Also please inform us if the cost of the text messages are paid by the customer or if your company provides this.

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