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Setting up a multilingual SMS campaign
Setting up a multilingual SMS campaign

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The new Feedbackly multilingual campaign feature allows you to create and send out multilingual SMS survey campaigns. With this feature you now longer need to create different SMS templates for each language, as you can add as many language options to your template as needed. The survey is sent to the respondent in the related language that is obtained from metadata.

Follow these steps to set up your multilingual campaign:

1. Create your survey. As you are adding different language options to the SMS template we recommend that you add the same language options to the survey itself.

2. When you are done with your survey move forward to launch your survey from the upper right corner, and then choose SMS campaign as the touchpoint.

3. In the next step you will start creating the actual SMS content, and also add the survey languages you wish to add to your campaign. Click on the edit icon next to the default language and then from the dropdown menu choose the languages you want to add.

4. After choosing the languages go ahead and add the content to each language option by clicking on the according flag.

Note that after you have added the content you can save your template for later use. When doing a multilingual campaign, each language template needs to be saved separately. Save your template by clicking on the "Save template" button at the upper right side of the page. By doing this you can easily access the template by clicking "Load A Template". This will save you time and effort later on.

5. You also need to upload the list of contacts that you are sending the survey to.

This is important to note when doing a multilingual campaign;

In order to get value from the multilingual campaigns and for the multilingual feature to work accordingly, you need to add 'sLanguage' as a column to the contact list, and use language codes based on these values:

You can read more about adding metadata to your SMS campaign in this article's section: "3. Adding metadata via contact information for SMS and Email lists".

More general information about setting up SMS campaigns can also be found in this article.

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