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Satisfaction scale

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On our Analytics- page you can find the satisfaction scale presented percentage wise. If you wish to view the satisfaction scale numerically you can easily change the scale from settings.

Note! These changes can only be made by the admin users.

1. Move to Settings and click the Satisfaction scale- tab open.

2. Depending on if you are using 4 or 5 point smiley scale on your surveys set the satisfaction scale to be the same. To activate the scale click the "Enabled" tab. After you've done the changes remember to save them.

Note! The changes affect the whole organization.

3. Move to Analytics- page where you can find the "Use Custom Satisfaction Scale" option.

Note! The option is automatically activated. If you wish to view the satisfaction scale

percentage wise again, just deactivate the option.

4. As the custom satisfaction scale is active you are able to view the average on every satisfaction question numerically on the scale you chose.

If you need any help with enabling the feature please contact us via chat or email

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