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Food debris field between kitchen and living room sofa

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Conditions are the cause of your recommendation effect. They are observations you pass along to your customer about what you see is wrong (pest-wise) with the location. You’ll want to match up your conditions to your recommendations so there’s a logical flow that spells it out to the customer. For example, if you find a food debris field from the kitchen to the living room sofa, that is your condition. "Sweep up the food debris field daily" would be the recommendation.

Key Points

  • Create Conditions at Settings/Conditions

  • Click the New Condition button in the upper-right corner.

The following are sample conditions for you to provide your customers. Compare these to the sample recommendations.


Food debris on floors
Broken window or screen is allowing pest access
Kitchen countertops have food and/or water on them
Open food products are at workspaces and desks
Too much clutter in general
Drains are dirty and/or slimy
Exterior doors are left open
Leaky pipes and drain lines are clogged
Bedbug population is not being maintained
Door sweeps are missing
No vents or moisture barriers in the crawl space
Holes in the wall are allowing pests inside access
Broken floor tiles
Products are on the floor
Rodent droppings found
Dock doors are left open too long


Rain Delay (Use this if you can't do your work outside)
Landscaping is too close or touching the building
Dumpster too close to building
Wood pile is touching the building
Too much watering of the lawn/shrubs
Ground cover is allowing pest activity to go unnoticed
Standing water is attracting pests and harboring insect eggs
Soil level around the foundation is too high
Cracks & gaps found around windows
Exterior sidewalk and/or loading dock is dirty and/or has litter
Food/beverage containers found on grounds

Note After adding Conditions you'll need to update your mobile app so you can see them.

In the mobile app:

  1. Tap the Menu in the upper-left corner

  2. Tap Settings

  3. Tap Reload Data

  4. Tap Okay or Allow to any messages

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