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General Q & A
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Zapier - What is it and how to ConnectConnect your apps and automate workflows
Why should I use your pest control company?What to say when a potential customer asks you that question
Startup plan featuresSee what the Startup plan offers by reviewing these articles and videos
Business plan featuresSee what the Business plan offers by reviewing these articles and videos
Fieldwork User Suggestions & FeedbackMake your suggestions for improving Fieldwork!
The BUTTON TEXT PlaceholderEnhance your email messages with a customized Button
TasksManage your team's to-do list with the Fieldwork Task feature.
Avery labels - print only specific customersDo a mail merge from the Customer List report
Bar codes - where can I get them?You can get QR Codes from Fieldwork
Brother mobile printer - asking for a passwordIt's the model number and the last 5 digits of the serial number
California Monthly Summary Use Report Codes and RulesCalifornia Code 10 = Structural Pest Control
Dashboard Widgets - click the refresh circle to updateThis makes our software go faster for you
Dashboard - what does the Events Bell doFlagged Work Orders, Pest Sightings submitted by customer, Overdue Tasks
Document Templates - how to create a new oneCreate templates to streamline Work Orders, Invoices, and more
File formats supported in FieldworkPDF, JPG, PNG, DOC (word), XLS (excel)
How Placeholders workPlaceholders automatically pre-fill emails to customers
How to attach a picture to your Intercom conversationSending us a picture is worth a 1000 words
How to see past Intercom Conversations
How to track material usage in FieldworkSet up Fieldwork to track material usage for individual customers and in your reports
Does Fieldwork integrate with Xero accounting software?Yes, with Zapier
Licensed in 2 states - license field holds only 1 numberAdding a second state to your user profile
Materials - how to add additional active ingredientsIt is a good idea to document all active ingredients
Notes - where they goAnd which ones the customer can see, which ones the tech can see...
Obtaining QR codes with your company name on itThere are many websites where you can order them
Our address changed - it's not accurately reflected on Invoices & Work OrdersUpdate the branch address, too
PDF files - Activate PDF FormDoesn't do anything when I click the button
Property Types and their Target AreasSample entries for applying a Material location
QuickBooks - showing invoices deleted from FieldworkRemove Deleted Records Automatically
QuickBooks Error - String length is either shorter or longer...It's probably the phone number field
QuickBooks error - The name supplied already exists...The name supplied already exists. : Another customer is already using this name. Please use a different name.
QuickBooks Error - TxnID Cannot Be LinkedWhat to do when you receive an error stating “TxnID Cannot Be Linked” when syncing with QuickBooks Online
Sales tax mergeCombine tax rate names that have the same tax percentage into one tax rate name
Sample ConditionsFood debris field between kitchen and living room sofa
Sample RecommendationsSweep up that food debris field from the kitchen to the living room sofa!
Smart Folders - how to useA great time-saving tool for searching for data you constantly analyze and review on a daily basis
Stripe & PayPal fees - where to viewLog in to your Stripe or PayPal account
System status for QuickBooks, Apple, Stripe, Google, Intercom and YahooCheck these locations to see if they're operating correctly
Target Areas - how to add additionalSettings/Property Types & Target Areas
Templates - how many can I create or add?Templates help to streamline and automate fields
Tip$ - where should techs record themIn the Work Order, private notes
User roles - designed to be limitedRoles also limit what the user can see in Fieldwork