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Techs use the mobile app to enter information in each Work Order

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After logging in you'll see the Calendar in the opening screen:

  • Menu: access other mobile app features

  • New Work Order: create a new Work Order in the field

  • Calendar: tap a date to see the appointments for that day

  • Work Orders: these are the Work Orders for this date

Key Points

  • Working Online or Offline

  • Navigating Menu Options

  • Viewing the Calendar

  • Changing a Work Order Status

  • Viewing and Adding Customers

  • Viewing the Work Pool and Scheduling Appointments

  • Using Settings for Print Options and Reloading Data

Working Online or Offline

Our mobile app works online and offline. In fact, if you’re in an area where your Internet service is inconsistent, (deep inside a commercial plant) we recommend putting the mobile device into airplane (offline) mode. The mobile app won’t spend time trying to connect and you’ll get through your tasks more quickly. Once you’re in an area with dependable Internet service, (outside the building, for example) take the device off airplane mode and reconnect the device to the Internet to sync your work to the Online Portal Server.

Navigating Menu Options

Tap Menu to access other features in the mobile app.

  • Calendar: takes you back to the opening screen where you see your appointments

  • Customer: takes you to your customer database where you can create a new Work Order

  • Work Pool: shows a map of unscheduled Work Orders so you can make an unscheduled stop for a customer if the tech happens to be in the neighborhood 

  • Settings: access to printer, reloading of data and AirPrint (iOS)

  • Logout: logs you out of the Fieldwork app

  • You are currently online/offline: tells you if you're online or offline

Viewing the Calendar

Tap Calendar. In the Calendar you see your appointments for the day. Tap another day to see the schedule for that day. Tap, hold and slide the Calendar to the left or right to go back and forth week by week. 

Note Anyone using the mobile app will not be able to see anyone else’s schedule or Calendar; this includes users logged in as Admin.

Each appointment has a letter inside a box to the left of the appointment. The color of the box coordinates with the colors you select for the appointment status in Settings/Calendar & Time. The letters and their meanings are: 

C: Complete
M: Missed
S: Scheduled
F: Flagged
C: Cancelled

Most likely when the tech starts the day the letter S (scheduled) will be next to each appointment. As appointments are completed the letter will change to C (complete). 


To refresh your Calendar, tap and hold the topmost appointment, drag your finger down the screen and release. 


Use refresh each morning, or whenever there is a change to the schedule or a change to something internal to a Work Order (such as someone in the office changing a price to one of the appointments). Refresh pulls data from the Fieldwork server that is specific to the appointments for the tech logged in on this device. 

Changing a Work Order Status

The tech can change the status of an appointment by tapping the appointment and swiping left. Tap the status in the popup box to change it.

Note You cannot change the status of completed Work Orders.

Viewing and Adding Customers

Your entire customer database is downloaded to your device from your Fieldwork server. This makes it convenient to do impromptu appointments. From the menu, tap Customer.

View Customer List

Your customer list appears in alphabetical order. The list is sorted by last name. Tap a customer’s name to see the information about that customer. This includes the billing address, phone number, contacts, and service location.

To see a contact:

  1. Tap Service Locations

  2. Tap the service location

  3. Tap Contacts

Edit Existing Customer

Sometimes information about a customer needs to be updated, such as a name, phone, or email address. 

To edit an existing customer:

  1. In the Customer’s List page, tap a customer

  2. Tap Edit in the upper right

  3. Make the change

  4. Tap Save 

To search for a customer, type in the beginning portion of the customer’s name in the search box. All the other customers will disappear from the list. 

Add a New Customer

It sometimes happens when you’re out in the field doing a service and a neighbor comes by and asks if you can come over when you’re finished. You just scored a new customer! 

To add a new customer:

  1. From the Customers’ list, tap the plus symbol in the upper right

  2. Select Residential or Commercial and enter the usual information

  3. Tap Save to save that information

  4. Tap the Menu

  5. Tap Calendar

At this point you're ready to create a new Work Order. 

Also watch this Add New Customer video.

Viewing the Work Pool and Scheduling Appointments

The Work Pool is your to-do list; it's unscheduled Work Orders (appointments). 

The Work Pool is usually implemented for:

  • Recurring call-to-schedule appointments

  • Recurring 'anytime' for exterior-only appointments

  • Commercial accounts

From the Menu, tap Work Pool

If you have any appointments in the Work Pool for the tech, they’ll show up in the Work Pool map.

The big dot is the tech's location, the pin drops are the Work Orders in the Work Pool.

Tap 5 miles, 10 miles, or 15 miles to zoom in and out of the map. You can also tap, hold and drag your finger to move the map around.

Tip If appointments are missing, tap Select Month, which is under Work Pool, and select the current month. 

Note Techs can’t see Work Pool appointments assigned to other techs. 

If the Work Pool shows you in the Atlantic Ocean off of Africa, you have something wrong in the customer's address or Location services for the device is not on, or is disabled for Fieldwork.

Tap the menu in the upper-right corner to the see Work Pool in list format. 

To put a Work Pool appointment in the Calendar, tap the appointment and tap Save in the upper-right corner.

Also watch this Work Pool video.

Using Settings for Print Options and Reloading Data

From Settings you can enable printing and reload data from your Fieldwork server. From the menu, click Settings.


To enable printing, tap the slider next to Print.
To use AirPrint (iOS), tap the slider next to AirPrint.


To enable printing, tap the Print Off button to turn it On
Printer Model, tap the model number and select Open PDF via

To reload the data on your mobile device, tap Reload Data. Unlike tap, drag, and release to refresh your Calendar, Reload Data brings your entire database into your mobile device. Use this when items, such as adding new materials, need to be seen in the mobile app.

To Reload Data

  1. Save any unsaved Work Order in the mobile app

  2. Tap Save in the upper-right corner of the open Work Order

  3. Tap Save & Exit

  1. Then, from the Calendar, tap the menu in the upper-left corner (the three lines)

  2. Tap Settings

  3. Tap Reload Data

  4. Tap Ok or Allow to any messages

November 2017

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