How to review a mobile app Work Order

We're new to Fieldwork and need to review the tech's work before sending an Invoice to a customer

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If you're new to Fieldwork or have a new technician, it might be a good idea for the office to review the Work Order before the tech completes it.

Key Points

  • Create a Work Order status to notify the office the work needs to be reviewed

  • In the mobile app Save the Work Order and change the status

  • The office can then review the Work Order before it's sent to the customer

In Settings/Calendar & Time

To review the work being done in the field, it's best to create a status with a unique color so your eye will be drawn to it when viewing the online portal Calendar. 

  1. Create a new Status and name it something like: Done, Please Review

  2. Give it a color

  3. Click Save

In the Mobile App

  1. When the job is finished, the technician taps Save in the upper-right corner

  2. Tap Save & Exit

  3. In the calendar, swipe the appointment to the left
  4. Tap Change Status

  5. Tap Done, Please Review

  6. The color in the mobile app Calendar changes to the Done, Please Review color
      and the first letter of the status appears in the box "D"

7. The color in the online portal Calendar also changes to the Done, Please Review
    color so you know to review the Work Order, which you can then do a QA

After you review the Work Order and make any necessary changes, change the Work Order status to Complete to create and send the Invoice.

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