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Mobile app - Signatures and finishing the Work Order
Mobile app - Signatures and finishing the Work Order
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The customer and tech can sign the Work Order on the mobile device. Tap Signatures.

Key Points

  • The technician and customer can sign the Work Order

  • Tap Save to save the Work Order

  • Select one of the five options to finish the Work Order

Tap Touch to Add above Customer Signature. 

Hand the device over to the customer with the instruction to use a finger to sign the Work Order. Tap Save Signature.

Tap Touch to Add above Technician Signature. Use your finger to sign your name. Tap Save Signature.

Both of your signatures are in the Work Order. They will appear in the emailed and printed Work Order.

Finishing the Work Order

When you’re ready to end the work, tap the red End button in the upper right to set the time you finish. To change the time tap it again and make the correction. 

Tap Save in the upper right.

You are presented with five options when saving a Work Order on the mobile app, each has a different function. 

  • Save & Exit. Saves the work and exits the Work Order - use this if you or a technician is new to Fieldwork so the office can verify that everything is correct before sending the invoice to the customer

  • Complete & Exit. Saves the work and sends an email through our system to the customer's email address on file 

  • Complete & Print: Saves the work and prints the invoice to a connected printer

  • Complete & Email: Saves the work, opens up the email app on the device, and allows you to enter a new email address. For example, you might want a new technician to send you the invoice for approval before your sending it to the customer. (This requires your company email to be set up on the device.) 

  • Preview: Saves the work and allows you to see the invoice on the device

Tap Complete & Exit. Depending on the settings for the customer, they will receive an Invoice, Work Order, or a combined Invoice/Service Report.

If you do not see Complete & Print

From the Calendar, tap the menu in the upper left, tap Settings.


To enable printing, tap the slider next to Print.
To use AirPrint (iOS), tap the slider next to AirPrint..


To enable printing, tap the Print Off button to turn it On
Printer Model, tap the model number and select Open PDF via

Congratulations, you’re done with your first mobile app Work Order! 

Do this a few more times and you’ll get down to completing a Work Order in less than 10 minutes.

Also watch this video that wraps everything up for completing a Work Order.

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