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Set how you interact with your customers through Fieldwork

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Configure your customer settings including starting customer number and email interactions.

Key Points

  • Set starting customer number

  • Set welcome email configuration

  • Set send Work Orders by default

  • Set balance forward from work orders and invoices by default

  • Set weekend reminders for new service locations

Starting Customer #

You can set the number for the first customer you enter into Fieldwork. Each customer added after that will increment by one. The default is 1000. You can change this to a higher number as that implies that you've been around a while.

Automatically send a welcome email to newly added customers

When this is selected the customer receives an email from your business to welcome them. 

Welcome Email Subject Line and Email Template

The welcome letter needs a subject line and text in the email. You can use the default template or create your own.


Notice the words encapsulated in brackets {   }  These are placeholders. They are variables that operate much in the same way as a mailing list. For example, the first line in the email template is: Hi, {first_name}. This means that when an email is sent to a customer, Fieldwork will put the first name from the new customer’s account page and place that name in its place in the email. So the email body will start with Hi, Heidi (if that’s her real name). 

To add a placeholder, click your mouse in the email body where you want to add the placeholder, then click the placeholder to add it there. For example, click your mouse after {first_name} and tap the space bar to insert a space, and then click [last_name}. Below is an example.

Note Placeholders do not work in the email subject line, they work only in the email body.

After adding your own text to the Welcome Email, click the Preview button to review it. 

Tip Always click a Preview button!

The following are for newly created customers. It does not change settings for customers already in your system.

Send Work Orders by default 

When selected, Work Orders will be emailed automatically to email recipients in the location pages. It can be changed per customer in a customer's Location page settings.

Hide balance forward from work orders and invoices by default 

When selected, a balance will not appear on Work Orders and Invoices.  It can be changed per customer in a customer's Location page settings.

Click the green Save button.

Disable weekend reminders for new service locations

When selected, this will send all appointment reminders that would normally go out on Saturday or Sunday on the preceding Friday. This is usually used for commercial accounts who don't normally look at their work email on the weekend. 

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