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Create the parameters for your Invoices

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Define the starting Invoice number and Transaction (Payment) number. Add footer text to include additional information that appears in the Invoice PDF. Set or clear additional parameters for Invoices and Transactions.

Key Points

  • Define the starting Invoice number

  • Define the starting Transaction (Payment) number

  • Add footer text to include additional information that appears in the Invoice PDF

  • Set or clear additional parameters for Invoices and Transactions

Starting Invoice #

You can set the number for the first Invoice you enter into Fieldwork. Each invoice added after that will increment by one. The default is 1000. Once this number is set do not set it again at a lower number.

Starting Transaction #

The same goes for the transaction (payment) number. Once this number is set do not set it again at a lower number.

The Invoice footer text is used to give the customer additional information. Make the information helpful to the customer. A popular footer text informs the customer to include the customer number and invoice number on the check to ensure the payment is applied to the right customer and invoice.

Automatically apply positive credit balance

If a customer has an existing positive balance, it will be applied to "automatically generated" invoices as payment.

Close New Payments Automatically

The payment close date is the deposit date. Suppose you have a bunch of checks sitting around waiting to be deposited. When you select [x] Close New Payments Automatically, the system assumes you’ve deposited the check on the date you entered the payment. Clear the check box if you want to manually close payments to more accurately reflect the deposit date. When the check box is clear, you manually close each payment. 

If you’re printing and mailing an invoice you can keep the payment link off of it.

Send new invoices to customer automatically

New invoices are emailed to the email address in the customers’ billing page as well as any contacts enabled to receive invoices. Usually the invoice is emailed within 5 minutes.

When you select this option, clear [ ] Attach invoice to completed work order email in Settings/Work Orders to prevent customers from receiving the invoice twice - once with the completed work order email and another with invoice email.

Display Service Location Address on Payment Coupon, in place of Customer's Billing Address

This can assist the person paying the bills when there are scores of address locations, such as a realtor or a building management company. 

Payment coupon remittance address is different from the company address

Select this option if you have a P.O box or a service that handles your payments at a different location.

Lock Date

Lock date locks invoices prior to the date you select. Invoices dated before this date cannot be edited. This prevents changes from happening to your reconciled reports, invoices and payments. To use this feature, the System Admin enters the date the lock date takes effect. This prevents account users from editing those reconciled reports, invoices and payments before this date.

The example below locks all invoices prior to July 30, 2021. If a change to an invoice is necessary before this date contact your System Admin to unlock the date, make the invoice change, and have the System Admin lock the date again.

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