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Settings - Document Templates

Create Work Order and Invoice templates for consistent content and emails

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Use Document Templates to manage how your Work Orders, Invoices and their respective emails look. You can create up to five templates. The Work Orders and Invoices your customers receive will contain only the sections you include in the template.

Key Points

  • If you haven't done so already, enable Document Templates

  • Identify which sections you want to include in your templates

  • Move the sections in the order in which you want them to appear

  • Select other settings you want to appear on the reports

  • Edit the email template

Enable Document Templates

Before enabling Document Templates, identify your Work Order and Invoice needs. What do you want to show in these templates and what do you not want to show.

When you go into Settings/Document Templates a notice appears explaining what happens when you enable Document Templates.

  • Once Document Templates are enabled you cannot go back to the pre-defined Work Orders and Invoices.

  • Identify your template needs before enabling this feature.

  • Templates are available upon clicking the Enable Now button. 

When you click Enable Now you have a Service Report (Work Order) tab and an Invoice tab. If you want another template, click the + sign. You can create up to three additional templates.

The first tab is the Service Report/Work Order tab. The second tab is the Invoice tab. No matter what you name these tabs, the first tab will always be Service Report/Work Order, and the second tab will always be the Invoice.

Identify the sections to include in your templates

The components available to each of the templates are:

  • Customer Address: contains the billing and service addresses

  • Terms: Includes service, invoice and due dates, as well as billing terms

  • Line Items: Includes the descriptions, quantities, price, tax and totals

  • Materials: Includes the materials, EPA#, quantity, dilution rate, method, and device used in this service

  • Notes: These notes come from the mobile app, Notes - Report Findings. Also included are the environment settings: square feet, wind direction, wind speed, and temperature, which come from the mobile app, Environment

  • Signatures: This comes from the mobile app, Signatures

  • Devices: This comes from mobile app, Devices and includes summaries by device and pest, as well as scanned device inspection details and lists unscanned devices

  • Photos: These come from the mobile app, Photos

  • Addendum: This entry comes from Settings/Work Orders 

  • Memo: This comes from the comments you add to the bottom left-hand corner of the Invoice in the Online Portal

  • Footer: The Work Order footer content comes from Settings/Work Orders

  • Invoice Footer: The Invoice footer content comes from Settings/Invoices

  • Units: Includes the characteristics of each unit inspected including materials and pest activity

Note Devices, Photos and Units are not available in all plans.

Move the sections around

The sections noted above are available for you to include, exclude or move up and down in your templates. Click and drag sections up and down to change the order in which they'll appear. 

Set the margins above and below each section in millimeter units. Include page breaks before any of the sections by clicking New Page. Click Remove to remove a section so it doesn’t appear in the Invoice or Work Order.

As you make changes make use of the Preview button. This will show you what your customers will see. 

To the right of the page contains settings for formatting and addition components to add to your documents.

  • To save the changes you've made, click Save Templates

  • Template Name. You can rename your template, but remember: the first tab will always be Service Report/Work Order, and the second tab will always be the Invoice no matter what you name them

  • Document Title. Used internally by the system

  • Header Top Margin. How much additional space, in millimeters, is added at the top of the page

  • Coupon Bottom Margin. How much additional space, in millimeters, is added at the bottom of the page

Select other settings

There are seven additional settings you can select to include/exclude from your templates:

  • Display Pricing - If cleared, the Line Items row includes just the descriptions, quantities and if it's taxable (Yes/No)

  • Display Service Date - if cleared, the date does not appear in the upper-right corner

  • Display Start Time - if cleared, the start time does not appear in the upper-right corner

  • Display End Time - if cleared, the end time does not appear in the upper-right corner

  • Display Payment Coupon - Selecting the check box adds the Payment Coupon to the invoice

  • Display Details for Line Items - Selecting the check box adds the Line items to Work Orders and Invoices

  • Display Next Service Date (On completed work orders) - Selecting the check box adds the next service date in the upper-right corner of the Work Order

  • Show Unscanned Devices - Selecting the check box will show unscanned devices in the PDF

Below that you'll see Available Sections. This list is populated when you click the Remove button from the main list.

Don't forget to use the Preview button to see what your customers will be getting (always use a Preview button).

When finished, click the big green Save Templates button.

Edit the email template

The Email Template is a standard template that is the text for the Work Order/Invoice email.

The email subject and template are editable for you to create your own style and tone. The Placeholders function the same way as described earlier in the Settings -  Customers article. A couple of notable placeholders here are: 

  • {invoice_email} The email address of the recipient 

  • {document_title} Service Report #nnnn or Invoice #nnnn

  • {online_reviews} Adds the text, “How did we do? Please rate our service”

  • {technician} The tech’s name who performed the service

  • {document_number} The Work Order/Invoice number

  • {link_to_document} Default button text is HERE and cannot be changed

  • {link_to_document}YOUR TEXT{/link_to_document} change the button text to your wording

Remember that the Placeholders do not work in the email subject line, they work only in the email body.

Click the Preview button to review your email. 

Tip Always click a Preview button!

For {online_reviews}, this is the place to ask for customers’ feedback. You can add something like:

We value your commitment to our service. We strive to make your experience as best possible. Please take a moment to give us a review by clicking the stars below. 

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