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Material Settings - have them preset in the mobile app
Material Settings - have them preset in the mobile app

Create a Work Order template or edit the Series

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To save time entering material information on the mobile app, you can complete a Work Order template with the material content, apply the template to the Work Order and it will sync to the mobile app. Or edit the Series of the Work Order

Key Points

  • Create a Work Order template

  • Edit the Series

Create a Work Order template

  1. Create a template

  2. Add the materials, set a location, quantity, unit measurement, dilution rate, application method and device target pests

  3. Attach the template to a Work Order

The information will be populated in the mobile app for that Work Order. 

Edit the Series

  1. Open a Work Order

  2. Click Edit Series

  3. Click the Materials tab

  4. Click the Add a Material button

  5. Click the text box next to Choose material and select the materiel

  6. Click the Add usage button

  7. Add the usage for location, quantity, unit, dillution rate, application method, device and target pests

  8. Click Update Series

Note For each of these processes the tech can change any of the fields, such as:

  • increasing or decreasing the quantity

  • changing the dilution rate

  • adding more locations where the material was applied

  • removing the material from the Work Order

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