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Define reasons why customers cancel their service

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Create cancellation reasons for the purpose of documenting & tracking. You can then investigate patterns as to why people are cancelling a particular service or route. 

Key Points

  • Cancelling work inside the customer's account vs. inside a Work Order

  • Creating Cancellation Reasons

  • Example Cancellation Reasons

Cancelling work inside the customer's account

Cancellation Reasons are applied when you cancel a service from within the customer's location page, Work Orders tab. You cancel a Work Order or series from the Work Orders tab when the customer no longer is using your company. Examples include problem solved, became a do-it-yourselfer, found someone with a better price, etc. This is different from cancelling a Work Order.

Cancelling an individual Work Order

You update the status of an individual Work Order from Scheduled to Cancelled when the customer can't make the appointment. Examples include away for vacation, doctor's appointment, etc.

To create a cancellation reason:

  1. Click the Settings gear icon in the upper-right corner

  2. Under Company Setup, click Cancellation Reasons

  3. Click the New cancellation reason button

  4. Add a reason

  5. Click the Create Cancellation Reason button

Example Cancellation Reasons

The following are some example cancellation reasons.

  • Sold Home (here’s an opportunity to continue the service with the new owner)

  • Owner died 

  • Found cheaper deal

  • Do it Yourselfer

  • House abandoned 

  • None

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