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Canceling a customer - drop-down box is empty
Canceling a customer - drop-down box is empty

Create the reasons in Settings/Cancellation Reasons

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Cancel a customer's Work Order or Series from the customer's Location page, Work Orders tab. You cancel it here when the customer no longer requires your service. Reasons include; affordability, competition, moved, no longer requires your service, etc.

Key Points

  • Populating the cancellation drop-down list

  • Cancellation examples

  • Cancelling a Work Order (series)

When you cancel a customer and click the drop-down box in the customer's location, the drop-down list is empty.
The contents of the drop-down box are pulled from the cancellation reasons you create in Settings/Cancellation Reasons.

Some cancellation examples include:

  • Customer can't afford it

  • Customer found a lower price

  • Customer moved *

  • Property sold *

  • The bugs have moved out

* Opportunity knocking!

From the customer's Location page Work Orders tab. click the Cancel button on the right side of the Work Order

A dialog box appears. Click the Cancel Reason drop-down list to select the reason.


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