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Customize a few tidbits of information from the customer

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Use custom fields as informational guidelines when creating new accounts.ย 

Key Points

  • Create various Field Types for the information you want to gather

  • Text for entering text

  • Drop-down list for selecting predetermined information

  • Yes/No to answer specific questions

  1. Click the Settings gear icon in the upper-right corner

  2. Under Company Setup, click Custom Fields

  3. Click New Custom Field

  4. Click the Customer class name (Work Order is not yet active)

  5. Enter a name that will appear on the screen, instructions to the user is helpful

  6. Select the field type: Text, Drop-down Select Box, Yes/No

  7. Enter the options for this new field:
    Text field will be blank
    Drop-down Select Box needs a semicolon between each option
    For example, How did you hear of us would have something like:
    Friend; Google; Facebook; Yelp; Next Door; Flyer
    Yes/No will be a single check box, a check in the box means yes

  8. If this field is required in order to save the Customer or Work Order, click the Required box

  9. Click Create Custom Field

Some common custom fields include:

  • Customer Since: Text

  • Call ahead Yes/No

  • Customer referred by: Text

  • How did you hear from us? Drop-down Select Box

  • Dog on site? Yes/No

  • And so forth...

Custom Fields appear at the bottom of new Customer Billing pages.

Tip Custom Fields appear in the customer's Billing page. They do not appear in the customer's Location page.

For more information about how to quantify these fields, see: Custom fields - how to export and analyze

November 2017

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