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Settings - Contact Forms

Request service on the Customer Portal (existing customers), or on your website (New Customers)

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Contact Forms is available in the Pro Plan.


Anyone can request service from the Customer Portal or on your website. To create a contact form, go to Settings/Contact Forms. The form will appear in the log in page in the Customer Portal and you can create a link for your website.

Key Points

  • Create the form and select the required fields for the customer to enter

  • Create the auto-reply message (email) that the customer receives

  • Add the Contact link to your website, if desired

  • Receive and respond to emails requesting service

Click the New Contact Form button in the upper right.

Form Settings

  • Name is the name on the link. Invite them to contact you with with something like Contact Us!

  • Colors are the colors for the background and button

  • Active means it will be available to use (default) as you can create more than one form

  • Use this form in the Customer Portal puts the link next to the Sign In button

  • Form Fields: First name, Last name, and Address are required -- the others are optional. 

  • Auto-Reply Message: name is who the email comes from, subject is the subject line, message is the text in the email. 

After you create a Contact Form, the name, status and url appear in the page. To add this contact form to your company website, right-click Public link and copy the link address. Edit your company website and post the link where you want it to appear.

On the portal click the link next to Sign in.

The Contact Form appears with the fields you selected when creating the form. The customer fills out this form.

The drop-down Preferred Response Time offers three choices:

When logged in to the portal, the customer can also click the Contact tab in the Navigation bar to fill out the form.

After the customer fills out the form and clicks the Submit request button a thank you page appears.

The customer gets an email with the Auto-reply content you entered when creating the form.

An email is sent to the email address in Settings/Company Information.

The system will create this customer with the new status of Lead. This status is available to all plans.

From the Customers page click Leads to see all your leads. 

Once the lead becomes a customer update the Status from Lead to Active.

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