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Custom fields - how to export and analyze
Custom fields - how to export and analyze

Export your customer list and look at columns AZ, BA, BB...

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Custom fields do not report or filter anywhere in our reports. However, you can export your customer list and view your Custom fields in a spreadsheet.ย 

By sorting the spreadsheet by your Custom fields column you can see which entry is most often used, such as which "How did you hear of us" field is most popular, or to see who is referring you most often. Or to track which sales rep is bringing in the most business. This is also a great way to see which marketing campaign is working best for you.

Key Points

  • Export your customer list

  • Using a spreadsheet program open the list from your email

  • Go to columns AZ, BA, BB, etc.

In the Customers page, click the drop-down arrow to the right of the Add Customer button and select Export Customers.

The customer database will be emailed to you. Open it in Excel, Numbers, or Sheets and go to column AZ. This is where your custom fields begin. You can sort, filter, and quantify the information here. Additional custom fields will be in columns BA, BB, BC, etc.

Tip The email addresses for these customers are in column I (Invoice email address) and in column AD (Location email address). Get creative and use these to generate custom marketing campaigns or 'thank you for the reference' emails through your company email.

For more information about creating custom fields, see: Settings - Custom Fields


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