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Material Use is where all the materials, target pests, application methods, application devices, dilution rates, and property types & target areas are pulled from the Online Portal and applied in the mobile app.

Key Points

  • Automate auto-filling material information

  • Enter a quantity of material used

  • Add the location where the material is used

To automate filling material information, please follow the steps in Auto-filling Material information in the mobile app. After saving the information highlighted in green below, reload data in the mobile app.

For more information about reloading data, see Mobile app does not show updated information.

In the mobile app, tap + Add to the right of Material Use. 

Tap a material to add it to the Work Order. In this example, tap Demand CS. If you prepopulated the information for that material, it will automatically populate in the app. Enter the Quantity of material used. If the material has a lot number on the package, tap Lot # and enter it.

To add a location tap Add a Location. This is where you will enter all the places you applied the material. Tap all the places where you applied this material and tap Save.

The material and its attributes are shown in the main page of the Work Order. To add more, tap + Add again. 

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