Disconnected from series

This happens when you edit individual Work Orders rather than the series

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When you edit one Work Order of a series, that Work Order becomes separated from the series, meaning it's disconnected from the rest of the series. Any updates to the series are not reflected in that edited Work Order.

Key Points

  • In the calendar you drag n' drop an appointment to a different day or time

  • You edit one Work Order to change the technician

  • You update anything inside the individual Work Order 

When changing the date or time of a Work Order that is part of a series, in the calendar, you are presented with this message:

This work order will become separated and will no longer affected by the frequency settings for the series.

In the customer's Work Orders tab, if you click the Edit Series button and make a change to the series, it will not be reflected in those Work Orders that were edited individually.

You'll find the disconnected Work Order in the Work Orders and Service History tabs as indicated by an exclamation point inside a black circle.

If a change is made to the series and you want it reflected in the disconnected Work Order, edit that Work Order and repeat the change. There is no way to reconnect a disconnected Work Order to the series. You can either:

  1. Recreate the series and cancel the old one

  2. Edit the individual work orders that are disconnected

You can also view disconnected Work Orders at Sales > Work Orders

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