Move existing or future Work Orders from one day to another (rain out) or from one route to another when you want to move the Work Orders based on route, reassignment due to vacation or sick employee, someone no longer with the company, city, zip code or the type of work (move all your termite jobs to a specialist, for example).

To move Work Orders to another route go to Sales > Work Orders. Use the filters on the left to narrow the scope of the move. 

Select a date range:

And/or any of the other filters, including city and zip code:

Note Completed Work Orders will not move.

Select the Work Orders to move. Click the check box to the left of the Status column to move all on the page, or click individual Work Orders.

Click the Move Work Orders button.

The Change Route for Work Orders dialog box appears where you can change the route and date.

Select the destination route.

If you are moving the Work Orders to another day, enter the date.

If the Work Order is part of a series and you want to change the route for all of the Work Orders click [x]  Include all future work orders.  All of the remaining Work Orders in that series will be moved. Click the Change button.

Click OK to the Are you sure? message.

All the Work Orders are moved. 

In the customer's location page, Work Orders tab, you will see that all future Work Orders that are part of a series have the new technician (if you clicked [x]  Include all future work orders).

Note If the customer has a default route, that selection does not change in the customer's location page.

Tip To bulk move Work Orders from one day to another due to a rain out, while keeping the same tech assignment, do the following:

  1. Select the Work Orders to be moved
  2. Click the Move Work Orders button
  3. Don't touch the destination route button
  4. Enter the date to move the Work Orders to and click the Change button. 

If you are in the Business or Pro plan also see: Calendar Map - drag appointments to a new day or route

Also, watch this video:

March 2019

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