This feature is available in Business and Pro Plans. 

When you want to move appointments to another route or day sometimes it helps to have a visual as to where those stops are. 

In the Calendar move appointments to a new route by clicking your mouse in the calendar map while holding the shift key. This makes it easier to move appointments in one specific area. This is useful in scenarios such as:

  • end of day is cancelled due to rainout
  • truck breaks down and someone else needs to finish the day
  • redistributing workload
  • tech's wife is in labor
  • tech is in labor

Click your mouse in the calendar while holding the shift key. Drag your mouse to highlight the stops you want to move and release the mouse button.  A red-line square appears.

The Change Route for Work Orders appears.

Select a destination route.

Select the new schedule date if the date is changing, otherwise, leave it blank.

If all future Work Orders are going to be updated, click the check box [x]  Include all future work orders (will be changed if schedule date is not selected). Click the Change button and then click Ok.

The Work Orders are assigned to the new technician.

Also see: Bulk move Work Orders to another day or route

 November 2019

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