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Adding a photo to a Work Order in the browser
Adding a photo to a Work Order in the browser

Add a picture of the house for a tech's first visit or add trap maps

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Photos and Images are available in our Startup, Business and Pro Plans.


Add photos to a Work Order from the browser to assist a technician with additional information, such as a picture of the location or a map of traps on the property.

Note Any photos attached to a Work Order will be included in the PDF file sent to the customer. FYI...

Key Points

  • From the Photos tab, click the New Photo button

  • Add the photo and comments

  • Save the Work Order and reopen it to see the photo

  • Add trap maps or photos of the location

  • Photos can be added to individual Work Orders, not series

From the browser, with the Work Order open, click the Photos tab, click the New Photo button.

Enter optional Comments and click the Add Photo button. 

Click the photo to upload, click Open 

Click Save in the upper-right corner of the Work Order. Reopen the Work Order to see the photo. When you save the Work Order it will be available for the technician from the Photos tab in the app.

Click the View button to view the photo and add additional comments.

Click the red Garbage Can to delete the photo.

Note The limit for photos is 10.


Currently the mobile app does not have a photo option for individual units. To add photos for specific units:

  1. Take the photos outside of the app using the camera in your device

  2. Email the photos (with notation to the unit numbers) to the office and post them in the Work Order with the unit number in the comments according to the instructions above

Trap Maps

Draw a map of where the traps are for a location, take a photo of it and upload it into a Work Order so the tech knows where the traps are. This is useful when a tech is visiting a site for the first time. 

Add a picture of the location

If this is the first time a tech is going to a location, use Google Maps Street View to capture the front of the house and add it to the Work Order.

Note Photos can be added to individual Work Orders only, not a series.

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