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Mobile app - opening and viewing a Work Order
Mobile app - opening and viewing a Work Order
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Most of your work will start from the Calendar page where your Work Orders are located. They are sequentially listed according to start time. From the Calendar tap a Work Order to open it. 

Key Points

  • The opening screen should contain key information to view before starting

  • Start and End times define the duration of your visit

  • Tap More to view Contacts and Work Order history

  • Tap Driving Directions to use a map app to guide you to the location

The Opening Screen

The opening screen shows Service Instructions and a Location Note. Both of these are useful to the tech and are best viewed before leaving the vehicle when arriving at the location. These notes are entered in the customer’s Location page and Notes tab in the Work Order. These instructions are read-only in the mobile app, they cannot be edited. The customer will not see these notes.

This is the place to have information specific to the location and the people there that the tech will want to know about before entering the location.

Service Instructions

This note appears only in this Work Order. Service Instruction notes are created in the Work Order Notes tab in the Online Portal (browser). Use this space to inform the tech of any necessary service instructions before starting. For example:

Four traps, one on each corner of the building.


Location Note

This note appears in every Work Order for this customer. Location Notes are created in the customer's Location page or in the Location page Sticky Notes. Use this space to inform the tech of any necessary location issues she/he should know before entering the property as the tech will be able to see this note when opening the Work Order. It is not viewable by the customer. Sample text includes:

Keypad code: 123
Nice doggies in the yard: Mercedes and Bailey.

Both of these notes are available in the mobile app Work Order. Tap Ok.

The full screen of the app is below. You can tap any of the tabs in any order and not all have to have information filled to complete the Work Order.

Start and End buttons

After tapping Ok the Work Order screen appears. When you’re ready to start the work, tap the red Start button in the upper left to set the time you started. To change the time tap it again and make the correction. (When you are done with the service tap the End button.)

The Work Order Screen

The top of the Work Order shows the Work Order number, the customer’s location information, phone numbers and email address.

Tap the phone number to call or text, tap the email address to send an email. 

Tap More to see additional details for contacts and work history.

Tap Contacts to see additional contacts for this location. Only contacts added to the customer’s Location page appear here.

Work History
Tap Work History to see a list of previous Work Orders. Tap one of the Work Orders. The Work Order number, date the service was performed, and time are shown. The letter corresponding to the status of the service is also displayed.

The Report Findings notes entered by the tech in previous Work Order is here, which can help you in future services.

Chemical use gives the tech information about past material usage at this location. This can assist the tech in tracking the treatments.

Tap < Main Location and < WO # to return to the Work Order screen.

Driving Directions
Tap Driving Directions to access the mapping apps installed on the mobile device. When you tap the mapping app, the Fieldwork app will send the Google GPS coordinates to the mapping app, which will open with a pin drop at that location. 

Note If the coordinates are incorrect, the mapping app will not drop a pin at the correct location. Each mapping app processes incorrect information differently, so user beware. Also, a weak Internet signal has sometimes given unpredictable pin drops.

If the coordinates are incorrect, you can edit the Map Pin in the customer's Service Location. For more information, see Map Location Pin.

Also watch this video about Customer Info and Work History.

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