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See where a tech traveled in the Calendar map

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This feature is available in the Pro plan


See where a tech traveled yesterday and earlier in the Calendar map. Note: the technician's device needs to have Location Services enabled to view the history.

Open the Calendar, select Day View, select one technician, and open the map. You'll see small dots with a thin line connecting the dots of where the tech traveled. The color of the line matches the technician's color in Settings/Users & Routes.

Key Points

  • The lines offer an as-the-crow-flies connecting of the dots

  • The small dots are time pings, approximately 15 minutes apart

  • Location services needs to be on for the device out in the field

The small dots are time pings. Hover your mouse over a circle to see the time the tech was at that point. The timing of the pings is approximately every 15 minutes.

Note The line is not a street-by-street type of tracking. It's more of a as-the-crow-flies connecting of the dots. The actual path traveled is not tracked, but this does give you an idea as to whether the tech was in the right area and not off the beaten path. The image below shows an example of an actual path driven (black line) compared to the blue line.

Location services needs to be on for the device out in the field.  The Fieldwork setting needs to be Allow all the time (Android) or Always (iOS).

Toggle the line on and off by clicking the tracking history button in the map.

For more information about enabling location services on your devices, see Mobile Location Settings - how to enable

For more information about features in our Pro Plan, see Pro plan features

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