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Business plan features

See what the Business plan offers by reviewing these articles and videos

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If you are interested in upgrading to the Business plan but don't know if it's right for you, review these articles and videos. 

To upgrade from your current subscription, go to Settings/Billing & Subscription. Click the Select button at the bottom of the column and re-enter your credit card information. Click the Upgrade Subscription button. 

Key Points

The Business plan includes:

  • Device Management

  • Calendar Map - drag appointments to a new route

  • Route Optimization 

  • Technician Tracking - Google Mapping

  • Same Day Text Reminder - mapping tech's location

Note All Startup plan features are also included in the Business plan.

Device Management

Devices are tools you use to catch pests. They include tin cats, snap traps, ILTs, and so on. You attach a QR or bar code to each of these devices. When you’re on site, you just scan the device with our mobile app and add evidences, captures and the conditions you find in and about the trap. 

From this information the customer can create a Trap & Trend report and save it for their auditor.

Calendar Map - drag appointments to a new route

When you want to move appointments to another route or day sometimes it helps to have a visual as to where those stops are. 

In the Calendar, move appointments by clicking your mouse in the calendar map while holding the shift key. This makes it easier to move appointments in one specific area. This is useful in scenarios such as:

  • end of day is cancelled due to rainout

  • truck breaks down and someone else needs to finish the day

  • tech is in labor

Route Optimization

Auto Routing is a powerful tool that pulls appointments from your Work Pool and non-confirmed appointments and creates an optimized route around your confirmed appointments. It is used in conjunction with Google. When you set up your criteria we send it to Google for the optimization. Google analyses the data and sends it back. 

Technician Tracking - Google Mapping

You can see where your techs and appointments are from the Fieldwork Calendar.

Same Day Text Reminder - mapping tech's location

While Same Day Text Reminder is available in all plans, Business and Pro plans also include a link in the text to Google Maps for the customer to see the tech's location.

Note The features of each plan are bundled together at a set price. We cannot bundle features across multiple plans or exclude features. Please know that the price includes all training and support, plus there are no contracts or signup fees.

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